What we will do for you:

We know there is a lot of noise out there. People are telling you that you should be blogging, doing social media, putting money into Google pay-per-click advertising, or investing in whatever the latest web technology is. That why we have developed proven online systems to drive your company’s marketing into the digital age.

Step 1. We review and overhaul your branding

brandingOnline, you don’t have a swish salesroom or a friendly salesperson. There is just the consumer and your brand. That is it. If you are currently putting together a digital marketing plan, then you need to make sure that you take a good look at your branding as point number one.

We take an in-depth look at your logo, your company’s branding and how you present yourself to your clients visually. We will either polish your current branding to make you look the best you possibly can, or if necessary start over with a completely new one.

As part of the re-brand we will also mock-up examples of how your new brand can continue onto business stationery and your marketing literature.

Step 2. Your new website

websiteOnce we are confident that your new branding is right, we then design and build your new, lead-generating website which will be the cornerstone of your company’s digital marketing.

This website will use all the tricks we’ve learned over the past 10 years to convince visitors who show an interest in your product or service to leave their contact details. The psychology of web design has come a long way in the past few years: some of the most successful websites have very few pages which generate more new sales enquiries for their owners than all their other marketing activity combined. The trick is making sure you know exactly what the person viewing your website is interested in, and then giving them the right amount of targeted information to convince them to either pick up the phone or register their details with you for more information.

Your new website will also give you the ability to create your own one-off “landing pages” to link back to from social media and email campaigns. And with your website in place, we can then set up the systems to drive people to the website and nurture the leads it generates into red-hot enquiries:

Step 3. Google PPC campaign management

ppcBy using Google Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, we can ensure that the traffic coming to your site is made up of people who are actively looking to buy your product or service.

PPC campaigns need to be managed closely, but once working deliver a regular flow of targeted visitors who are likely to interact with your site. We will research your PPC campaigns, identifying which keywords people use when searching for your product and what budget spend will give you the best and most economical results.

Step 4. Set up of smart email marketing system

emailOnce someone has visited your site and left their details (even if it’s just an email address without a name), our smart email marketing system then takes over, keeping in touch with the contact through a campaign of automated messages to influence their decision-making process. The nature of these emails will depend on your industry, but may be:

  • Monthly email newsletters with information specific to the product or service the contact has shown an interest in
  • A monthly special offers or top tips email
  • …or something more direct – such as inviting the receiver to book in for a coffee at your office to talk about their needs.

We use advanced software to monitor how the people receiving these emails interact with them and produce regular reports of which contacts look most likely to buy. You can either choose to follow these people up personally, or leave the system to work it’s magic.

You can also add all your current contacts into the smart email marketing system, to identify who you should be concentrating on from the people you already know.

Step 5. Social media, blogs and monthly articles

articlesWe will manage your social media posts, blogs and monthly articles to make sure you keep in contact with both your pipeline of prospective customers and current clients.

We will first identify which “social” routes are right for your company. If you sell direct to consumers, e.g. a person buys
your product or service for themselves, then you should definitely be on social media. However business-to-business companies may get a better result from running their own blog instead.

Whichever route we identify, we can write your posts and articles for you to ensure that the right, high-quality content is always going out on time.

Step 6. Ongoing reporting, testing and monitoring

reportingWe don’t just set up the systems and then leave you to fend for yourself – we provide regular reviews and ongoing reports on the results your marketing is generating and suggestions of any recommended tweaks.

Over time your company will evolve and your digital marketing
needs to evolve with it, with new campaigns and product launches being worked into the strategy. We’ll be there with you every step of the way to keep your marketing fresh, and can even train your own staff on running their own campaigns.


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